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Minor Ailment Assessment

Ontario pharmacists are now authorized to provide *assessments* for 13 minor ailments that can be managed with minimal treatment and/or self-care strategies. These services are covered by OHIP. Assessments by pharmacist will take some time and are available by appointment only (phone call). We are not a walk-in clinic so please make an appointment!

Only after your assessment, our pharmacists will use their professional judgement to decide on the following:

  1. Prescribe a prescription treatment for your ailment, if appropriate, -and/or-

  2. Recommend a non-prescription treatment for your ailment, -and/or-

  3. Not prescribe anything to you if your ailment (or its severity) is outside our scope of practice, and refer you to a physician for further assessment and investigation. 


We cannot recommend anything to you without you going through our assessment. Prescriptions issued by our pharmacists are not guaranteed even if you have an appointment, and are only issued based on our assessment if appropriate. 

Please Read Carefully About How to Access Our Services

1. If you are *Our Existing Patient* with your full prescription profile at our pharmacy already, you can either book an appointment online or give us a call. Our pharmacist on-duty usually can accommodate our existing patients with same-day appointments. 

2. If you are NOT our existing patient, you have to book an appointment online with our additional pharmacist. If you cannot find an appointment and need urgent attention, we suggest you seek these services from:

  • Your own pharmacy that has your current & past medical history

  • Your family doctor who has your current & past medical history

  • Visit a walk-in clinic

  • Go to emergency


If you would like to become our patient in the future, you can simply request to transfer your prescription profile from your current pharmacy to our pharmacy so that we can fully manage your prescriptions moving forward. 

Pharmacist Assessment (Phone Call)

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