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For all inquires related to Covid-19 tests (ie. PCR), please book a phone call appointment for Covid-19 Assessment first.  Our pharmacist will call you around the scheduled time to conduct eligibility assessment, symptom screening, discuss with you about our protocol, answer your questions, and then arrange your test accordingly.

  • ​If you are looking for a Rapid Antigen Test for Travel, you can book directly below without the phone call (provided you have no symptoms and are not a close contact). 

  • If you do not know which Covid-19 test you are looking for, or you have symptoms or being exposed to a positive case, then book a phone call appointment first please. 

Please note:

  • Publicly-funded PCR test is only covered for certain populations (which will be discussed at your phone call appointment). 

  • PCR Test for Travel is $165 + HST for a single person with $140+HST for each additional person. Please also note that since our role is only to collect your PCR sample and we are not a PCR lab, we cannot *guarantee* your result as your result might be indeterminate, leaked during transport, mishandled or delayed at the laboratory. We are not responsible for any damages associated with delayed results, indeterminate results, or leaked samples during transport, or any other factors not within our control. Our service fee is not refundable.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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