Medication Consultation

Ask us anything you want to know about your medication. We will do the research if needed.


We are able to administer flu vaccine, shingles vaccine, travel vaccine, and more.

Naloxone Kit

Naloxone is available as an emergency kit used to reverse opioid overdose. Consider to keep one on hand if you are close to someone who is on opioid therapy.

Prescription Adaptation & Renewal

Did your prescriber accidentally give you the wrong dosage or form of medication? We may able to alter the prescription to fit your needs. 


Are you completely out of your chronic medication and need it urgently? We may able to help you out.

Travel Consultation

Going somewhere and don't want to get sick? Visit us at your earliest convenience, and we can help you prepare for your trip.

Smoking Cessation

Tried to quit smoking with no success? Come talk to us. We have tips for you.

Compliance Pack

We can organize your medication in weekly packs so that you can take your medication at correct time and avoid missing any doses. 

And more is coming...