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Townline Guardian Pharmacy is independently owned by a local family of pharmacists, Paul and Lulu. We were colleagues at the University of Toronto where both of us have completed 10 years of advanced education. Courtice is where we have chosen to live and to build our vision in our community. We go beyond just filling your prescriptions. We help you navigate through evidence-based medication therapies for your health, and we work with your primary prescriber to help you stay healthy and minimize health-related stress. We are your closest health mentor, advocate and friend.

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Paul Luu, BSc. MSc. PharmD.

Community Pharmacist

Townline Pharmacy - Reader's choice award

Paul has been awarded being one of the best pharmacists in Oshawa/Whitby! Being one of the most accessible healthcare professionals, Paul believes that he is well positioned to address gaps in care by providing you with guidance about your medication in between visits to your physician.


He can also be your advocate by addressing your questions, and concerns related to your health and medication therapy and can act on them to help you achieve your health goals.

Lulu Gao, BSc. MSc. PharmD. CDE.
Consultant Pharmacist

Lulu is a Certified Diabetes Educator and a pharmacist. She works with prescribers and makes recommendation for medication therapy adjustment, and provides ongoing self-management education and support to our patients living with Type 2 Diabetes to achieve weight loss, glycemic control and better qualify of life. 

Lulu is also a Travel Health Educator who can prescribe travel vaccines and preventative medications to help you stay safe during international travel. 

Dr. Sonilla Majeed, MD. CCFP


Dr. Majeed has been providing care to Clarington residents since 2012. She has an interest in and much exposure to dermatology throughout her training. 

She believes that Botox® is able to give people a new perspective and a higher level of confidence in life. She administers Botox® for cosmetic reasons, as well as to treat hyperhidrosis (excessive underarm sweating) and facial migraines

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OCP Accreditation #307541

Designated Manager: Paul Luu