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What is Certified Diabetes Education?

A Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) is a healthcare professional, committed to provide excellence in diabetes education and diabetes care, and who has a minimum of 800 hours of practice in diabetes and passed the Canadian Diabetes Educator's Certification Board exam. Certified Diabetes Educators can be health professionals from many areas of health care, such as physicians, pharmacists, nurses, dieticians, who can incorporate diabetes education into their routine scope of practice.  

Lulu Gao is our Certified Diabetes Educator and a pharmacist who routinely provides individualized diabetes care to our patients. After earning a Banting and Best Graduate Scholarship, she earned her Master's degree in diabetes research before she completed her doctorate degree in pharmacy. She has been providing diabetes care for the past 6 years as a pharmacist.

What do Certified Diabetes Educators do?

Lulu incorporates diabetes education into her pharmacist's scope of practice including:

  • Insulin dosage adjustment

  • Medication therapy management - making drug therapy recommendations based on each individual's needs

  • Provide patient education on glucose monitoring and what the numbers mean, and what to do with the numbers

  • Provide patient education on weight loss and diet and how they affect medication changes

  • Diabetes regression - yes, it is entirely possible to reverse Type 2 diabetes for certain individuals

You may think it's simple as taking some medications and just forget about your diabetes. In fact, a vast number of people do not have their diabetes under good control and do not realize it is a problem. This is why diabetes is known as a *SILENT* disease - it does not cause any symptoms at beginning for most people. However, diabetes can cause irreversible damages over the years to the heart, eyes, kidneys, nerves, and blood vessels when you start noticing the symptoms later on.  This is why we emphasize controlling your diabetes as early as possible in order to preserve your health before it is too late. 

Controlling diabetes for most people will take more than just visiting the doctor's office once or twice a year and taking medications. In reality, it is a *continuous learning process* that people need to go through towards their dietary choices and medication changes over the course of months, or even years. This is why Lulu does what she does. 

How much does Diabetes Education cost?

All Ontarians with valid OHIP cards who are diagnosed with diabetes by their physicians have access to one diabetes education session and four follow up appointments every year at the pharmacy. These sessions are covered by the government of Ontario. 

How do I set up an appointment?

Before you can make an appointment to see Lulu, you will have to be a patient of our pharmacy first in order for her to manage your medications and to work with your doctor to adjust your medications. Switching pharmacies is a simple process, so please call our pharmacy to inquire. 


If you are already a patient of our pharmacy, please call the pharmacy to request an appointment with Lulu. 

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