Travel Health Clinic

If you are planning to travel outside of Canada, please reach out to us to book your travel consult with Lulu. She is a consultant pharmacist with additional training in travel health. She is able to directly prescribe, as well as administer travel vaccines and preventative therapies, such as for malaria, to help you stay safe during international travel. She will also provide you with documentation and certificate for border crossing, if required. 

The total cost of the travel clinic is a combination of Appointment Fee ($50 for a single person, $80 flat rate for a family) plus the dispensing cost of each vaccine/medicine itself.  If you have third party insurance for prescription coverage, it may cover most of the expense. We will administer the vaccines at no additional cost. If you need an Asymptomatic COVID-19 test for travel clearance, it is an additional $200 + HST. 

Please download and fill out the Pre-Travel Assessment Form for each person and then email the completed form to You will need your trip itinerary and your vaccination history (if known) to fill out the form. Once we receive your form, Lulu will reach out to you to schedule your appointment. **Please note we are not currently providing yellow fever vaccines.

Please reach out to us as early as possible so that we have sufficient time to plan your immunization schedule. 


Lulu Gao, MSc. PharmD.


Travel Health Educator