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Compression Garments

Townline Pharmacy is proud to now carry Sigvaris compression socks, and leg sleeves.  Sigvaris is a pioneer of compression garments, and produces products that are considered the gold standard of compression therapy. 

We provide sock fitting services, and can make recommendations on the kinds of compression socks that will fit your needs.

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How Compression Works:

Blood flows to the leg as your heart beats, any blood that was in your leg are then pushed back towards the heart. Due to the effects of gravity, not all of the blood returns back to the heart. In healthy individuals, what keeps the blood from simply flowing backwards and pooling in your legs are due to a series of one way valves in the veins.  In some situations, the one way valves of the legs can become compromised and cannot stop the blood in the legs from flowing towards the feed. This results in swelling, edema, varicose veins, venous ulcers and blood clots. 

To treat this, compression therapy was invented. These socks are designed to provide graduated compression, with the highest compression at the bottom and the least amount near the knee. This pushes the blood back up the leg, and can aid the leg muscles in ‘squeezing’ the blood back to the heart.

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Over-the-counter compression Socks:

Over-the-counter compression socks are socks with a light compression, which measures 15-20mmHg. ​Lower levels of compression can improve the appearance of minor varicose veins, reduce ankle, leg and foot swelling, and prevent blood clots in individuals who spend a lot of time sitting. There is also evidence that wearing compression socks during various sports reduce recovery time,and may mitigate effects of running injuries.

Prescription Compression Socks:

At higher levels of compression at around 20mmHg and above, a prescription from a physician is required. At this level of compression, these socks are used to treat chronic venous insufficiency, prevent edema, venous ulcers, and can mitigate effects of low blood pressure in certain situations. Appropriate assessment of the leg must be done to ensure the correct level of pressure is prescribed, and correct fitting and counselling on the product is crucial as these garments are more than your usual sock. 

Ankle Measurement

Because of the compression of the garments, certain measurements must be made before choosing the correct size socks. If you would like to book an appointment for a fitting,  click on the link below to send us an email.

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